5 Free PDF Reader Collection

As we know the PDF is a very common electronic document format. When we need to create, edit and read PDF document, alternative PDF tools are also very much. Today here we are very please to share the five free PDF reader tools.

Foxit (Windows/Linux)

Foxit PDF reader is a free, is characterized by small volume features, provides functions including PDF tags and annotations, embedded multimedia content, five security level Settings, and we can run JavaScript in the document.

Preview (Mac)

The Preview is the built-in PDF reader in Mac system. In addition to being able to quickly open the PDF file, the Mac OS 10.5 Preview also allows users to add annotations to PDF (highlight section, add comments or links), reformatting the PDF page, merging different PDF documents, as well as the document added to facilitate the Finder search keywords.

PDF-XChange (Windows)

PDF –Xchange, a lightweight, fast PDF reader, it provides a long feature list, including page tags, image format to save the document or page, support 256 – bit AES encryption, customizable interface, etc.

Adobe Acrobat (Windows/Mac)

Acrobat Reader is a free Adobe PDF reading tool, it is often integrated into the user’s browser. Acrobat provide annotation tools, integrating Acrobat.com online services, as well as the protection of malicious PDF threat. While not running as fast as other readers, but only an Acrobat can view and contains various content types (including graphics, E-mail messages, spreadsheets, video and other multimedia elements) of the PDF reader interaction.

Nitro PDF (Windows)

Nitro PDF reader is a free program, at present is still in the testing phase, however, Nitro can provide a lot of advanced features, such as PDF creation, converting PDF text, on the page randomly enter text, format save, preview the PDF files in Windows Explorer or Outlook.


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