How to Restore Reminders from iPhone?

The reminder app in iPhone is a good to-do list app, it can help users to get prepared for the things they are going to do. For the users who always have a lot of stuff to deal with, theĀ Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone iPad iPod is very helpful.

Many iPhone users make full use of the reminder app in their iPhone, and have written down many plans in the app. If the contents in the reminder app get lost, the users will get really annoyed. When users are using iTunes to sync their iPhone, the contents can be erased during the syncing process; if users restore their iPhone from an old backup, the newly added data can be erased as well. Therefore, when users are using iTunes, they should be careful.

Steps to restore Reminders from iPhone

Method 1. Recover Deleted Reminders from iPhone 5/4S/4 Directly

Below is the primary window of the bestĀ Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone iPad iPod software, the default option is “Recover from iOS Device”, so it is no need for you to select the recovery mode. Just directly connect your iPhone 5, iPhone 4 or 4S to the computer and the program will detect your device successfully. And click “StartScan” to scan for files.

iphone reminder recovery screenshot

After recognizing, all files on your iPhone have been categorised into different folders and displayed in the left panel. Directly click “Reminders” option and then you can check all reminders on your iPhone in the program. Mark the one you want to restore and hit “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

preview files

Method 2. Restore Deleted iPhone Reminders from iTunes Backup

After connecting and checking your iPhone with this Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone iPad iPod program, you need to select “Recover from iTunes Backup File” option on the top of the panel. Then you’ll find all iTunes backup files on your computer will be shown in the below interface:

preview photos before recovery

Select the backup file of your iPhone and hit “StartScan” button to start scanning for files. Wait for a little while, the scanning will be finished within a few seconds, and you can choose “Reminders” in the left panel and recover your needed files to your computer.

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