2013 New Products Apple Big Guess There is Always You Want

In 2012, apple rolled out two of new tablet PC, a new notebook computer and a cell phone. This year, apple and what will be the new product appearance? The Piper Jaffray investment company analyst jean mons, (Gene Munster) and Douglas Clinton (Douglas Clinton), which made the bold prediction. Below is they are expected to be appeared in 2013 five big apple new products.

March: Apple Radio

Since last October, the media about apple Radio discussion has been very busy. So, apple is expected to Radio in early 2013 launch not surprisingly. Apple Radio will likely as part of the iTunes come out, and then it will be to rival Pandora’s company’s similar products send a strong challenge. Last October, bloomberg news reported the apple may launch me the next day Pandora’s company’s stock plunged 12%.

March: Retina iPad mini

According to the electronic times (Digitimes) reported that the Retina display iPad in March last year a weekend sales are up to 3 million sets; In addition, by the end of 2012, the apple iPad mini shipments for 800-10 million sets. Through the two product advantage together, apple is expected to keep it in the tablet PC market leading position. Time is very important; Apple Company came out with iPad 2 and the RetinaiPad time respectively is in March 2011 and March 2012.

June: iOS7

The apple iOS6 the upgrade in the Google maps out YouTube and application, which angered the user. Because apple map is too bad, the cook had to a public apology, and even suggests users to temporarily use competitor map application. Since then, is responsible for the iPhone software senior vice President Scott foster (Scott Forstall) be fired.

June: iPhone5S

Although there are media reports said iPhone5S will be released in June 2013, but jean mons, and Douglas Clinton insisted that it was launched in September, time is like apple in September 2011 iPhone4S launched in September 2012 as iPhone5 launch.

November: apple TV

Jean mons, and Douglas Clinton prediction apple TV in 2013 will be released in November. The time is right, just in the holiday shopping season eve.

The United States Virginia Police Use iOS Application to Combat Crime

Today morning, from 9 to5mac media reported that the United States Virginia Marion police decided to launch a mobile iWatch Marion called free iOS application, so as to use this type of iOS application to encourage citizens to report crime. The money can be applied in the App Store free downloads, citizens can through this kind of application easily information, photos, video, etc transfer to the nearest police station, so as to achieve the purpose of criminal activities to prevent potential.

Marion police station said: “iWatch Marion application USES the advanced global positioning technology. No matter where crime information is reported, the system can transmit the information to Howard county police station center.”

In addition to report crime information outside, citizens can also through this kind of application received local some missing children, criminal activities, such as the weather and the life of the relevant information. The medium and to5mac said, although did not know this kind of application to such as Marion police thought that can help prevent potential criminal activities, but in view of it can provide with the local residents life information, so this kind of application must will be affected by the local people welcome.

Carries out the Way of Hackers Mark Zuckerbeg Writing Code for Poke

According to the American technology blog TechCrunch reports, informed sources, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbeg for latest mobile IM application Poke write the code, users receive delivery notice the warning tone also from him my mouth. This approach reflects the zack’s pursues the hacker way.

As one of the earliest Facebook function, “Poking (Poke the)” by zack’s invention, so he Poke in the development is not a surprise.

People familiar with the matter said, zack’s first just for fun, on the record your own voice. But then someone successfully persuade him to this recording filtering, make its become Poke reminding sound.

Ross why above in Facebook announced publicly, the team in just 12 days developed this kind of application? The personage inside course of study thinks this may intend to show a kind of attitude: as long as Facebook want to do one thing, and finally can do it. At the same time, it also take this warning competition, if they don’t join Facebook Facebook, then quickly “cloning” their application, and the competition.

In addition, the development course of Poke to top engineers, designers and product planning sends a signal: Facebook is not a bureaucracy of traditional enterprise.

Gucci 2012 Christmas Deserve to express new Sweet Caramel colour Wake up Thick Festival Atmosphere

Time unconsciously came to 11 months, a 2012 Christmas will come, friends have to prepare ahead of gifts to love him/her? Today, for you Gucci (Gucci) 2012 Christmas special accessories, metallic simple sense of caramel orange, in addition to highly fashionable fashionable feeling outside, also let a person feel particularly in winter warm, Shoes, wallet etc, in the retained the brand characteristics at the same time, into the warm fashionable element.

The United States High-end Department Stores in Neiman Marcus Launch Colorful Christmas Theme Food

In ord ยท Marcus (Neiman Marcus) introduced the Christmas food, is also a glance at birth, let people like. With the snowman, Christmas tree pattern of the biscuit, red velvet cake, raspberry cake… There are all kinds of beautiful appearance of chocolate, everything is so delicious. Good food is in the holiday brought the most sincere blessings, meaning more beautiful. Now, and posters woven together by pastry made feel to create the pure and fresh and beautiful.


IPhone 5 Time Magazine Named the Best Digital Products

Time magazine has the annual best digital product selection, apple iPhone 5 become this year’s big winners. Apple 15 inches of Retina screen MacBook Pro also successful promotion. Handle the selection activities Harry McCracken praise iPhone 5 is one of “the most clever digital products,” said iPhone overcomes such as Galaxy S3 “very good” digital products.
“When it comes to the combination of hardware and software is still not any one enterprise can reach the level of apple, apple this seamless combination to customers with the most perfect use experience. Followed by nintendo Wii U the latest video game console, new GamePad way brought new game mode. Below is a selection of the time magazine 2012 annual best digital product list:

1. Apple iPhone 5
2. Nintendo Wii U
3. Sony Cyber – shot RX100
4. Raspberry Pi Model B
5. Lytro
6. Apple 15 – inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
7. Microsoft Surface with Windows RT
8.Samsung Galaxy Note II
10.Simple TV

The Most Fashionable and Practical iPad mini Protective Casing as Christmas Gift

Recently the famous accessories manufacturers released a variety of new iPad mini protective sleeve, listed below the 13 kinds of the most fashionable and practical design.
American bell gold company (Belkin) production of Quilted Cover protective sleeve has a adjustable support and a magnetic clasp closure.
Chambray Tab protective sleeve is bell gold products. It is very similar with Quilted Cover, the only difference is that it has a smooth surface. Pink, blue, khaki and dark grey four kinds of color can offer an alternative.
Incline 360 protective sleeve is the M – Edge products. It is a kind of embedded protective sleeve, can make iPad vertical on the table. A purple and red two kinds of color can offer an alternative.
ShockDropiPad protective casing by the American Hard Candy company production, with silica gel shock bead, ripstop and cap and half Hard screen protection film.
The Thai gus (Targus) company produces the Versavu protective casing used waterproof casing. Red and black are available.
The United States Gumdrop company produces the Gumdrop series protective sleeve is strong and durable, with multiple damping layer, the greatest degree to protect your iPad.

More Than a Thin new 27 Inches iMac is Easy to Upgrade RAM

The design of the new iMac fashion of ultra-thin, when apple in the conference reveals new iMac, we are the very thin border startled. Apple this design is very clever, build give a kind of ultrathin visual effect, was fashion generous iMac design appear more modern.

IMac should also be a words, the more beautiful things, deviates from the reality, at least 21.5 inches of iMac is not ordinary people can literally upgrade. According to the professional and machine maintenance iFixit site practice and analysis, the 21.5 -inch new iMac basically impossible to upgrade. In particular, apple will memory fixed in the main board, to upgrade the memory, the user must will almost the whole table iMac disassemble to see memory. IMac screen also use the glue to hold, but not as early as the iMac use magnetic materials to fixed.

Although 21.5 inches of new iMac only three points rating (iFixit equipment maintenance difficulty level rating, the highest 10 points, means the most easy to maintenance), but 27 inches of new iMac is quite different. According to Macworld confirmed, 27 inches iMac can easily upgrade the RAM. The memory is the pressure of the popup slot, very easy to put down the memory to take out. User only need to press the back button above the outlet of the small, like a piece of the same metal plate can pop-up, memory came into sight. The user can add more memory.

Time Warner CEO Hope Apple to Join the TV Production Line

In yesterday’s IGNITION meeting, when time warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes asked about how to look at the apple future likely to join the ranks of the television production plan view, he did a very positive response – “I hope they join. In my opinion, the apple is a very great equipment company.

Of course, Bewkes on this plan or made a more objective evaluation. He pointed out that, although now the apple for users bring very beautiful interface, and some use up very good navigation skills, but they lack some content type of thing, such as television channel and so on.

In addition, although literally apple for the user brought in the interface of the continuous improvement, but the work is not only the apple company doing. Bewkes idea is that consumers will have more and more choice. But in the past week, the news spread Microsoft plans to release their independent development of Xbox TV.