How to Turn Excel to PDF with a Good Excel to PDF Converter

Why do we convert Excel to PDF?

It is well known that Excel is a proprietary commercial spreadsheet application written and distributed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. To view an .xls or .xlsx file the recipient would need to have the Microsoft Excel Viewer installed.

While PDF is a more portable format which is almost compatible across all platforms. However, PDF cannot be created directly. Usually it is created from other formats. So to create PDF from Excel files we need a special Excel to PDF converter. In the post below we can learn how to convert excel to pdf with Adobe Acrobat and online.

Install Adobe Acrobat. Include the option to install the Adobe PDF printer.

Make a copy of the Excel file first. Once the printer is changed to the Adobe PDF printer, the formatting of the document may change.

Click on the Start button. Go to Settings, Printers. Right click on the Adobe PDF printer. Select “Set As Default Printer” from the menu.

Right click the “General” tab under the Abobe PDF Printer settings. Expand PostScript Options by clicking the plus sign. Choose the “TrueType Font Download.” Select “Native TrueType” from the selection menu.

Open the Excel file. Click on “Tools” and “Options.” On the print tab, clear the setting for reverse print order. Customize any other printing options as necessary.

Select “File” and “Page Setup” and choose 1200 DPI on the tab marked “Page.” Save the setting and exit.

Choose “File” and “Print.” Select “Preview” to see what the converted spreadsheet will look like. Go back to Excel to make changes if necessary. If the document looks acceptable, click “Print.” Select the worksheets to be converted and name the file. The file will be saved as a PDF document in the same folder as the spreadsheet.

Convert excel to pdf online through

From the name we can see it is very easy for us to convert excel to pdf. All we need to do is just upload your excel files from your desktop and then click the convert button to convert it to pdf. So easy, so good.

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