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PDF vs. Other File Formats

adobe pdf iconWell, if you often deal with the PDF documents at work, you might need to have an more conscious version of PDF file. To help you learn PDF more clear, here we would like to give you the comparaison of PDF and the other file formats, like MS Word, HTML, GIF and so on, which are also the common file types. Now let's begin to check out PDF vs. other file formats.

Must-known up front: PDF, shortened form Portable Document Format , is a file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. (from wikipedia)

PDF vs. MS Word

When you browse file converting on the web, the most frequent asked question is the mutual conversion of Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word. After all, the PDF is the best file format to contain and transfer data between different platforms; Word documents are the most suitable file format for editing contents at present. When need to produce a high-quality print job in which precise page layout and high resolution images are key, then PDF is the clear choice over Word DOC. When need editing file, Word is no doubt a powerful document editor. You can convert PDF to Word for editing purpose.

Tips: If you need to convert your PDF files to other file format, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML and so on, here we strongly recommend the PDF Converter software to help you.


Nowadays, the PDF file is often compared to HTML page, the data format which is used for making web pages, because PDF and HTML share some of the same characteristics. As we know, the HTML was geared towards describing the structure of a document, not for the appearance. The web page's surface was determined by the browser, not by the document creator. With the increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, newer versions of HTML focused more on the visual aspect of web pages, rather than their content. As a result, the PDF and HTML are becoming competitive standards, and they can enhance each other in similar ways. You can create HTML from PDF files for uploading onto Internet.

PDF vs. PostScript

PDF was developed by Adobe, the company that also created PostScript. In fact, PDF is based on PostScript. It uses the instruction set of PostScript itself but in a different way: while PostScript is really a programming language you could even use to write a chess program or word processor, PDF is more limited in its goal. We can read PDF with some certain PDF Reader installed on computer. What's more, PDF files are easier to modify provided you have the proper tools.


PDF can also contain a lot of images within it, so now we can see why is this file format are different from GIF image. GIF is preferred for images with large areas of solid colors, such as logos and text as graphics. GIF does not compress your pictures, which mean that they do not loose any image quality – but files are consequently large. GIF files can either be in grayscale or RGB color spaces.


EPS is a vector file requiring PostScript language to draw its image. You must have a specific software application to create an EPS file. Mentioned to its function, EPS is often used to exchange vector graphics (e.g. logos) that are only to be read but not edited by the receiver, such as sending the file to a print house. An EPS is really a collection of several other image files all in one. EPS files are generated from several sources and are structured to published code constraints.